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Most days, you'll find me in front of my computer inside my office. If it's nice outside, you'll find me working in bustling cafes. I'll always have a cup of coffee and my notebook with me.

In this digital age, we find ourselves lost in a world of 1s and 0s, Xs' and Os. I believe that taking a step back from this allows our mind to relax and go back to simpler times when it is just pen and paper. The traditions of pen and paper brings a sense of romance and sophistication, and causes heart-stopping, jaw-dropping reactions from my clients.

My name is Carolina and I'm a Graphic Designer and Calligrapher. I do brush lettering as well as modern calligraphy. Currently, I'm really into gold and silver inks. All my work is designed with the uttmost love and care in North Vancouver, in a lovely bright-lit office (when it's sunny...)

Having attended my fair share of weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, and helping numerous brides and grooms on their special days, I fell madly, deeply, in love with Wedding Design. The décor, flowers, lights, outfits, the way everyone gets together. Happiness.

With a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, I’m able to discuss The Birth Of Venus to Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain. Not into fine arts and found art? I can also chat about Mapplethorpe and the controversies that surround him. After honing my abilities to spew theories, discussions and critiques at the snap of a finger, I realized there’s more to art than just discussions. After finishing Graphic Design school, I jumped straight into marketing for large corporations and freelance.